Trusted Maid Cleaning Service in Dallas

Sparkly Maids is a company that you can always rely on to provide reliable and trustworthy maid services in Dallas/Fort Worth and nearby Texas areas. Our company was established to help you solve the hassle of looking for a professional house cleaning service. Our residential cleaning professionals years of experience allows us to deliver top-quality cleaning solutions while managing to satisfy all your requirements and needs.

At Sparkly Maids, we believe that having a clean home leads to a healthier, happier, and productive life. To help you achieve this, we go the extra mile in developing maid services to not only make your home clean and organized but also impress your family and guests alike.

Receive up to 25% off for recurring cleanings.
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Why Choose Sparkly Maids?

Sparkly Maids is famous for our unmatched reliability in our maid cleaning services. We offer a cleaning service that homeowners can rely upon; below are a few of the advantages:

  • All our professional maid cleaning staff are background-checked and highly recommended by homeowners like you! Hence you can have peace of mind that your home is in safe hands.
  • Easy online scheduling and a secure customer dashboard. You can schedule, reschedule, or cancel with our online customer portal. 
  • Safe and secure payments. 
  • Every reservation made for our Dallas maid service is backed by the Sparkly Maids Guarantee, which means we will do our best to ensure that you’re delighted with the services we provide. If you are unsatisfied with our quality of work, our cleaning staff will return to your home and re-clean the areas you are not fully satisfied with.
  • One excellent feature of our residential house cleaning service is that we are consistent in delivering excellent customer service through our quick, honest, and comprehensive communication to all our customers.

We are proud to service the following areas: Dallas, McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Prosper, Allen, Little Elm, The Colony, Carrollton, Addison, and Richardson. Don’t see your city? Call us to verify if your home is in your service area!

The Importance of Maid Service

A Deeper Clean

Our residential maid service provides a deep clean solution when it comes to your living room, bathroom, and kitchen to name a few. Which will terminate and protect your family from any disease-causing bacteria that may be thriving in your home. Our cleaning supplies, equipment and tools are designed to provide the highest level service and experience.

Prevent Mold Growth

Molds, given that the right conditions and settings can grow and thrive indoors. Hence our maids are equipped with the right cleaning agents and tools to combat this ailment & others by eradicating germs, bacteria, and excess water.

Eliminate Pet Smells

Pets are adorable members of the family but their odors can linger and reek worse than a sweaty pair of socks. Employing our reliable and trusted maid service in Dallas will help in removing those unpleasant smells coming from dogs, cats, birds, or other domesticated pets.

Stop Pest Infestation

Dirty surfaces and crumbs on the floors can attractive a breeding ground for vermin, roaches, and bugs alike. A home that undergoes thorough maid cleaning become less attractive environments to pests and insects.