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Too busy to manage your Plano household cleaning tasks? Fear not! Sparkly Maids are here, with our secure online bookings making it even easier than ever before for you to take advantage of our top-rated and reliable house cleaners who can help lighten the load.


Instant Online Booking

Need an appointment quickly? Our online booking system offers unparalleled convenience, giving you quick access to our comprehensive range of pricing and availability options in Plano. 


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Everyone deserves access to a place of their own – whether it’s unlocked by an acquaintance, or the welcoming hands of a doorman.


Relax, Rinse & Repeat

Get the most out of your account by quickly and securely logging in online to effortlessly set up recurring cleans. Enjoy more time exploring, knowing that you’re covered!

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Why Choose Sparkly Maids?

At Sparkly Maids, we created a modern house cleaning service in Plano, Texas with our family and friends’ needs. Our mission is clear: deliver instant online pricing without hidden costs; provide the best customer support imaginable; give customers ease by enabling them to book their service quickly and safely through an online platform – all at flat-rate prices!

We care about your home, security, & satisfaction.

At Sparkly Maids, we understand the trust that’s involved in bringing a new cleaner into your home. That’s why we go above and beyond to carefully vet our professional cleaners – so you can feel confident knowing they are ready to provide top-notch care for your living space.


We take great care to ensure our housekeepers are of the highest caliber. We conduct intensive interviews, background investigations and check references so you can feel secure in relying upon their services.


Our clients can rest assured knowing that our services are bonded & insured up to $2 million, providing exceptional care for their investment. Furthermore, we guarantee complete satisfaction with all of our cleanings - if you're not happy with the job done, simply request a reclean or refund at no extra cost!


Our state-of-the art online portal gives you the convenience of making appointment modifications and providing support with just a few simple clicks.


Enjoy the convenience of safe and secure payment after your cleaning is finished - no need to share credit card numbers with us. Our 256-bit security protocol exceeds industry standards, just like those used by banks.

General Info

The City of Plano is known for its vibrant cultural and entertainment events, low crime rate, and strong job markets – which makes it a great place to live and raise a family. What started as a small rural farming community is now home to more than 280,000 residents, 10,000 businesses, and several Fortune 1000 companies. As part of our commitment in serving the residents of this beautiful city, we at Sparkly Maids will continue to deliver world-class residential cleaning services at local-friendly rates.

Provide your guests with an exceptional experience by taking advantage of Sparkly Maids’ vacation rental cleaning service or AirBNB cleaning service. Our detail-oriented staff will work hard to turn any property in Plano and the surrounding areas into a clean, polished space that’s sure to leave positive impressions on all who visit! Don’t let tackling challenging cleaning chores compromise the impression you make—let us help ensure each guest enjoys their stay at its fullest.

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Revitalize your home with our expert deep cleaning service! Our dedicated team will bring back the gleam to any neglected areas that may have been forgotten during regular cleanings. Enjoy all of the benefits of a standard housecleaning plus extra attention for an even more detailed result.

After the chaos of construction settles, our staff will ensure your house is left revived and renewed. Utilizing a range of deep-cleaning products and tools we go beyond dusting to provide total post-construction cleaning services; from debris removal to restroom sanitation – all with an eye for detail. Let us transform your place into an oasis that’s ready be shown off, occupied or used as you wish!

Keep your home looking its best! Our maid service is designed to give you the highest level of care, with a host of services such as tidying up rooms and ironing clothes. Plus, no need to worry about cleaning toilets or doing laundry – we’ve got you covered on all fronts.




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