How to Prepare for a Maid Service Visit in Dallas

Are you planning to hire a professional maid service to help in maintaining your home’s cleanliness? In Dallas, Texas, getting maid service is highly beneficial for individuals as it saves time and energy that can be used towards work, recreation, or relaxation. That being said, as the homeowner you shouldn’t leave the premises at its messiest, expecting the Dallas maid service to take care of everything for you. There are ways to get the most out of a professional cleaning service, and it first starts by preparing the house. Here are helpful ways on how to get your home ready for maid service.

Prepare the Basic Utilities

Make sure your home has electricity and running water for the cleaners to conduct uninterrupted cleaning services. Some clients may not have the basic utilities as they haven’t moved into their new house or are in the process of moving out. If this is your case, look into how you can hook up the water and electricity at the time the cleaning team visits.

Clear the Floors and Declutter

Some people might assume that Dallas maid services should take care of everything related to cleaning, including decluttering. The professional cleaners may not know how to organize the clutter to your expectations, and it takes more time, which could have been used on other important tasks, such as wiping surfaces or dusting furniture.

Before the Dallas maid service arrives, try to clear the floors and pick up as many items as possible. Put children’s toys back where they belong, throw away any junk mail, and sort your clothes. A decluttered area allows cleaners to focus on conducting efficient cleaning services and finishing on time.

Clear Dirty Dishes and Food

A professional maid service in Dallas is responsible for cleaning your house. Unless specified beforehand, they may not wash dirty dishes or deal with any food messes in kitchens, living areas, or bedrooms. It is best to load the dishwasher and throw away any leftover food sitting outside the fridge. The maid will find it easier to clean the sink and other areas so you will be left with a sparkling clean house without additional chores to do.

Put Your Valuables Away

Reputable Dallas maid services ensure that they only hire professional maid cleaning staff after background checks and recommendations. Still, in order to avoid liability issues, it is important to remove or keep expensive items or important documents in a safe and secure area. If you’re uncomfortable leaving your valuables at home, consider taking them with you.

Secure Your Pets, If Any

If you are a pet owner who is availing of residential maid services in Dallas, it is strongly recommended to separate your pets from the staff, especially if it’s their first time. The cleaners may feel uncomfortable being around animals or you might not be completely sure that your pets will behave the entire time.

Leave Specific Instructions

Communication is key for a maid service to meet client expectations. If you want the cleaning team to focus on a particular area or room in your home, you need to let them know rather than assume that they will know what to do.

The communication can be done verbally before the appointment date or you can leave a handwritten note of instructions. You can also consider doing a quick walk-through around the area with the cleaning team so they know the key areas they shouldn’t miss and other things to watch out for.

Here at Sparkly Maids, we take away the tedious task of cleaning so you and your family can enjoy a spotless, comfortable, and welcoming home without the hassle. Aside from Dallas maid services, we also offer cleaning services for apartments, and Airbnbs. Contact us now to request for an accurate estimate and to set a schedule with some of our trusted cleaners.

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