The Impact of Clean Workspaces on Productivity and Employee Well-Being

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This article will explore the significant impact of maintaining a organized and clean workspace on employee productivity and well-being, providing actionable insights and strategies for individuals and organizations to enhance their work environments.

When you keep your workspace clean, you put yourself in a better position to reduce stress and increase focus.

Let’s look at an example:

Margaret sits at a desk facing a window. The window is very dirty, and every time the sun shines just right, she gets distracted by the buildup on it.

Her office desk hasn’t been wiped down either, and it has rings left behind by her coffee mug, other dirt, and a lot of dust.

The trash is full, and every time she goes to throw something away in the trash can that she shares with a few other desks, she gets frustrated and anxious because she has to squish the trash down to make room.

When Margaret tries to sit and focus on her work, she has trouble because of all the clutter from the paper. Her desk is disorganized, and so is the filing cabinet between herself and the next desk, with papers constantly spilling off the filing cabinet and onto her desk.

When Margaret goes to make her lunch, the microwave is covered in food stains, the trash is full, the sink is overflowing with dirty coffee mugs and cutlery, and the floor is littered with crumbs.

In this example, Margaret deals with a lot of stress because she and her staff don’t maintain a clean workspace. This has health benefits, like increased allergens from the buildup of trash and dust, as well as productivity deficiencies because of increased stress and constant disruptions to her train of thought.

What constitutes a clean workspace?

Cleanliness and organization have a psychological component. There are several benefits to keeping a clean work environment, not just physically but mentally.

So, what is a clean workspace?

  • A clean workspace is a place that is organized so that paper clutter and office supplies are kept in a tidy fashion, not strewn everywhere, and always in the way.
  • A clean workspace is a sanitary and hygienic space where bathrooms are kept clean, kitchens are wiped down and tidied, and floors are vacuumed or mopped.

Psychological Benefits of a Clean Workspace

Some of the benefits of keeping a clean workspace have to do with the psychological well-being of your employees.

-Reducing Stress and Anxiety

One of the biggest benefits is stress reduction. When employees work in clean environments, they have reduced stress and anxiety, which directly encourages more productivity and focus.

Small sources of disorganization or clutter can quickly add up to a significant level of anxiety for employees or unconscious stress that disrupts their workflow or creativity. 

-Enhancing Focus and Concentration

By keeping office areas clean, tidying up office clutter, or focusing on clean bathrooms and kitchens, small areas of distraction can be alleviated, enhancing focus and concentration.

Several studies have confirmed that employees who work in clean workspaces have better focus and efficiency. They also increase their productivity and engagement with everyone else.

Productivity Outcomes Linked to Clean Workspaces

When you keep your workspace clean, you increase productivity.

-Efficiency Gains 

A well-organized workspace can actually streamline workflows and save time. 

For example, if Margaret has everything she needs connected within reach, she might be able to pivot her chair to grab a new folder with folder separators and an envelope, print out what she needs then hole punch them and arrange them in the folder with a letter on top for the next meeting.

-Quality of Work

A clean workspace can actually improve attention to detail, which goes a long way to reducing errors and work. Over time, this increases productivity and helps improve output.

Studies have shown that high levels of office clutter contribute to behavioral procrastination and indecision, which have a direct impact on productivity. This clutter is most commonly the things that Margaret encountered every day, including:

  • Paper
  • Trash (like used coffee cups)
  • Office Supplies

Office clutter also has an impact on things like: 

  1. Emotional exhaustion at work
  2. Tension
  3. Job satisfaction

Employee Well-Being and Clean Workspaces

There are several employee benefits of a clean workspace.

-Health Benefits 

The first is physical health. Keeping a workspace clean reduces sickness and allergies. This is achieved by reducing the amount of germs that are spread throughout an office space and alleviating the buildup of pollen, dust, and other allergens.

All of this goes a long way toward alleviating the number of sick days employees use and making it so that allergies don’t disrupt productivity.

This also makes it a much safer environment for employees who have hybrid work schedules and might bring new sets of germs with them as they traffic from one place to the next, go back and forth to meetings at different offices, or return from their homes. Being able to advertise that your business invests in high-quality cleaning services can go a long way toward reducing employee concerns over their health.

-Job Satisfaction

The second is job satisfaction. A clean and orderly environment has a direct link with increased job satisfaction and morale. When you maintain a clean workspace it can remove the clutter that inhibits job satisfaction and productivity. 

By not keeping a clean workspace, employees are more likely to struggle with the following:

  1. Burnout
  2. Lack of engagement
  3. Poor satisfaction
  4. Occupational stress 

The more you clean a given work area, the more you can reduce emotional exhaustion and stress while increasing job satisfaction. This can improve turnover, retention, and employee satisfaction.

Summing Up

Overall, there is a significant scientific link between a clean workspace, productivity, and well-being. As a business, it’s imperative to consider the value of investing in keeping a clean workspace, especially with professional cleaning services. The investment can be well worth the return.

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