Regular Cleaning Benefits: From Decreasing Allergen Levels to Enhancing Comfort


What is regular cleaning compared to deep cleaning? When you are doing regular house cleaning, you might be sweeping the kitchen floor, tidying up the living room, dusting the high-traffic areas, wiping down the bathroom sink, and doing your dishes. But a deep clean involves taking everything off your kitchen counters and wiping all of it down before wiping each item down and replacing them, scrubbing the floorboards, and dusting every horizontal surface.

Regular cleaning

Let’s look at regular cleaning in more detail. What is regular cleaning? Regular cleaning is what you do on a daily or weekly basis as opposed to what you do when you first move in or out of an apartment. this includes things like:

  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping 

Regular home cleaning services may or may not do slightly more than what you would find time to do, but they keep your home sanitary and sparkling.

The benefits of regular cleaning

There are several benefits associated with regular cleaning. Whether you hire regular cleaning services or you handle it yourself, you can enjoy several benefits from tidying up as you go.

#1. Decreasing Allergen Levels

The first is decreasing allergen levels. If you fail to open your windows regularly and allow for good airflow, allergens can build up. They land all over surfaces, spread throughout your HVAC system when you’re using heating or air conditioning, and exacerbate allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

This is especially problematic if you have pets because their dander and fur can accumulate as well, worsening the allergen levels in your home.

90% of homes have pet dander and allergens, including those that don’t actually have pets. 

Simple things like vacuuming or mopping hard surfaces on a regular basis can prevent allergens, pollen, or dust from coming into your home and settling on your floors. When they are allowed to settle, they get picked up during regular foot traffic and tossed back into the air.

#2. Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

Similarly, regular cleaning services will help you prevent mold and mildew growth. When you clean regularly, you get rid of spores and bacteria that could lead to mold.

#3. Reducing the Spread of Germs

Regular house cleaning reduces the spread of germs. It’s very simple for a child to forget to wash their hands after going to the bathroom or an adult not to realize their cats have jumped up on the kitchen counters at night. These simple things can cause the spread of germs throughout the house in a matter of seconds.

  • The child who doesn’t wash their hands then touches the bathroom faucet, and the door handle and then plays with toys and picks up dishes and helps set the table for dinner.
  • The adult who doesn’t realize their cats have jumped on the kitchen counters places their breakfast foods on the counter for preparation and then puts the mail on the counter, contaminating it more and moves the mail to another room and then rests their hand on the counter for a brief moment and then rubs their eyes.

Simple things can go a long way toward reducing the spread of germs, like wiping down high-traffic areas.

#4. Enhancing Mental Well-being

Having a crowded home can be detrimental to your mental well-being. Things that are constantly not put away or dirty can detract from your mood. You might not realize it, but having a dirty kitchen countertop is something that is visible to the naked eye and can cause mental distress. 

Several studies indicate that a clean home can improve your mood and help you feel more relaxed. This can go a long way toward helping with other things like your sense of control and your ability to sleep well.

#5. Improving Focus and Productivity

Regular home cleaning improves your focus and productivity. Whether you are working from home, doing homework, or simply trying to focus on a creative task, having clutter and mess in your home can make it difficult. If, for example, you have lots of things out of place in a kitchen, like boxes of cereal left over from the morning, groceries, male piling up, and several other containers, your brain will notice all of the labels and colors on each of these items.

If they are put away and the countertop wiped down, everything is suddenly cleaner and tidier, and there’s not as much to subconsciously distract your brain, which improves your productivity and focus.

#6. Social Readiness

Has someone ever shown up unexpectedly, and you recoiled in horror at what your house looked like? Has anyone ever offered to come over and help with a project, and all you can think of is that you had to clean first?

We have all been there. But regular house cleaning offers a chance to have social readiness.Social readiness takes off a great deal of stress when, at the last minute, someone wants to plan a going away party, or stop by for a cup of tea, or even just pop over for dinner.

Tidying your home with regular cleaning services can ensure that floors aren’t covered in mud tracks and when your guest sits on the couch, a plume of dust and cat hair doesn’t pop up.

#7. Prolonging Property and Furnishing Lifespan

Regular home cleaning services can actually prolong your property and furniture lifespan. the more you clean your home the longer it will last. Simply dusting and wiping down furniture can prevent water from accumulating and destroying the laminate on your countertop or your floor. It can also help prevent mold growth which would otherwise damage your property.

#8. Cost-Effectiveness

Regular home cleaning offers better cost-effectiveness. It costs significantly more time and effort to either deep clean your own home or hire a professional cleaning service, but regular cleaning is significantly more affordable because there’s less to do on a regular basis.

Customizing your cleaning routine

So, where do you start with regular cleaning? Start by customizing your routine.

-Identifying Key Areas and Frequency

First, you need to decide how frequently you want to clean. If you have every Friday off, the kids are still in school, and your spouse is still at work, setting aside an hour each Friday could be a therapeutic way to keep your house clean quickly.

63% of households have pets. Figure out where your pets frequent the most and focus on those areas. If your downstairs bathroom with the litter box transitions to a carpeted living room, vacuum that transitional space more frequently because of the higher risk of cat litter.

However, you might decide that every two weeks is fine because you don’t have kids or pets, and your house doesn’t get used as heavily. 

-DIY vs. Professional Services

Second, decide whether you’re going to manage the cleaning yourself, how often, and when to call in professionals. If you have pets or children, or you work from home and are tied to your desk all day but desperately free from distraction or clutter, you might be able to manage to tidy your home every week, but not to the degree that you want. In this case, you could hire professional cleaning services to come into your home every two weeks and do a slightly deeper cleaning.

1/3 of adults have seasonal allergies. If you have a season where pollen is most likely to blow into your home and coat everything, consider increasing the frequency of or using regular home cleaning services to help with the extra mess.

Time is money, so if you have the time to clean, use it wisely. But if you don’t, don’t let things get out of hand. Instead, hire regular home cleaning services to come every week or two and make sure that your dishes are put away, your floors are cleaned, and your bathroom sparkles.

Summing up

There are myriad benefits to regular cleaning ranging from your physical and mental health to your comfort and your focus. By adopting a regular cleaning routine or considering professional services you can achieve all of these benefits and more.

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